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Media Kit Templates

Boost your brand by putting together a stunning media kit that shows off your products/services, brand reach, accomplishments and accolades, social media platforms and more. Edit and download your media kit template as a PDF to print and send to potential partners.

Media Press Kit 39

Advertising Agency Press Kit

Impress the audience and quickly catch their interest using this trendy press kit template.

Podcast Press Kit

Use this press kit template to promote your podcasts and other online content.

Health Magazine Press Kit

Effectively pitch your brand to people with this press kit template.

Bakery Press Kit

Summarize the services offered by your business with the help of this press kit template.

Travel Agency Press Kit

Use this professionally-made press kit template to promote your travel services.

Vocalist Music Press Kit

Spread the word about your talents using this vocalist music press kit template.

Country Music Press Kit

Promote your personal brand and win over the audience using this music press kit template.

Rapper Press Kit

Promote your talents as a musician with the help of this rapper press kit template.

Violinist Press Kit

Promote your talent as a classical musician using this violinist press kit template.

Professional Photography Artist Press Kit

Promote your story and talent as an artist using this photography press kit template.

Landscape Painter Press Kit

Expand your reach and share your talents with this landscape painter press kit template.

Luxury Hotel Press Kit

Highlight your hotel’s brand story and core values using this luxury media kit template.

Guitarist Music Press Kit

Showcase your talents and achievements as a musician using this guitarist press kit template.

Mural Artist Press Kit

Create a visual walkthrough of your bio using this beautiful mural artist press kit template.

Photography Artist Press Kit

Customize this photography press kit template to create an awesome first impression on your audience.

Water Painting Artist Press Kit

Showcase your achievements and talent as an artist using this painting artist press kit template

Drawing Artist Press Kit

Share your skills and achievements using this customizable artist press kit template.

Pianist Music Press Kit

Showcase your talent and achievements with the help of this pianist music press kit template.

Influencer Press Kit

Use this influencer press kit template to boost your profile and get eyeballs on your content.

Modern Media Press Kit

Use this modern press kit template to break down important brand-related information.

Social Media Agency Press Kit

Use this creative social media kit template to promote your online business.

Rock Band Music Press Kit

Let the world know about your talent and achievements with this rock band music press kit template.

Architecture Press Kit

Show customers the promotional material of your brand using this media kit template.

Nonprofit Press Kit

Raise awareness for your organization's work using this nonprofit press kit template.

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