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Business Presentation Templates

Your business presentation does not have to be dull and boring. With the right business templates, you can wow your audience, and keep them riveted as you tell your business story. Choose from a variety of styles and quickly customize them to your needs right in your browser or create your own custom deck by searching for the exact slides you need from our searchable bank of 900+ business presentation templates and layouts.

Business 196

Business Case Presentation

Showcase your company's latest case study with this beautiful presentation template.

Business Development Presentation

Create an engaging presentation on your company’s history and showcase its portfolio.

Employee Handbook Interactive Presentation

Transform your employee handbook into a dazzling interactive presentation with this professional interactive presentation template.

Risk Analysis Presentation

Walk your audience through conducting a risk analysis with this finance presentation template.

Technology Company Presentation

Put together a stunning presentation to showcase your startup, services, solutions and pricing.

Direct Marketing Workshop Presentation

Design the perfect presentation for your next direct marketing workshop with this attention-grabbing presentation template.

Hex Agency Presentation

Give your agency the creative boost it needs with this business startup presentation template.

Strategy Presentation

Showcase your new business strategy with this eye-catching presentation template.

Tangerine Presentation

Strategize and share key business information using this orange-themed presentation template.

Ted Consultancy Presentation

Show clients why they should go for your consultancy services with this presentation template.

Sales Budget Presentation

Present your project's financial plans and ambitions with this sales budget presentation template.

Biography Presentation

Share your experience, knowledge and story with others using this biography presentation template.

Construction Budget Presentation

Break down your project goals, strategies and budget with this professional presentation template.

Onboarding Presentation

Use this template to onboard new employees and train them on your company’s processes.

Linked Business Presentation

Use this stunning business presentation to introduce your company and land new clients.

Financial Analysis Presentation

Share important financial information visually with stakeholders using this presentation template.

Tesla Corporate Presentation

Share your creative business ideas with investors and clients using this corporate presentation template.

Accounting Presentation

Use this presentation to break down key accounting metrics, financial statements and ratios.

Shareholder Presentation

Use this presentation to share information with shareholders like past performance and future projections.

What is an Entrepreneur Presentation

Educate, interact and engage with your audience using this entrepreneur presentation template.

Azure Startup Presentation

Win prospective clients and investment opportunities with this startup presentation template.

Retro Neon Startup Presentation

Give your startup the creative boost it needs with this retro business presentation template.

Investment Analysis Presentation

Explain evolving investment trends and present your analysis using this presentation template.

Sales Report Presentation

Present your business’s sales data to stakeholders with this professional presentation template.

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