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Creative Presentation Templates

You want your creative presentation to make an impression. It needs to look good, while telling your story in a relatable way. This is where creative presentation templates enter the picture. Using the right creative templates, you can give a stunning, professional presentation that will keep the interest of your audience from start to finish. Visme's creative templates are available in a wide range of colors, designs, and themes, so you can put together a powerful presentation you can proud of.

Creative 26

Business Case Presentation

Showcase your company's latest case study with this beautiful presentation template.

Corporate Slideshow Presentation

Put together a stunning corporate slideshow for your business with this presentation template.

Retirement Slideshow Presentation

Give a proper send-off to your retiring employees with this minimalistic presentation template.

Wedding Slideshow Presentation

Use this elegant wedding slideshow template to celebrate yours or someone else’s big day.

Fashion Design Presentation

Impress your audience and turn heads with this creative fashion design presentation template.

Memorial Slideshow Presentation

Use this memorial presentation template to show your love and respect for the departed ones.

How to Spark Inspiration Presentation

Show off your creative side with this how to spark inspiration presentation template.

Creative Brief Interactive Presentation

Design the perfect creative brief presentation for your company with this interactive presentation template.

Beautiful Memories Slideshow Presentation

Show your loved ones all the special memories you’ve shared together using this elegant slideshow template.

Colorful Presentation

Educate your audience on the importance of art, color and design using this presentation template.

Real Estate Slideshow Presentation

Looking for the right buyer for your real estate project? Use this classy presentation template to get started.

Birthday Slideshow Presentation

Show your loved ones that you care with this birthday slideshow presentation template.

Friends Slideshow Presentation

Share memorable visual stories with your audience using this friends slideshow presentation template.

First Birthday Presentation

Use this birthday slideshow template to make a special day even better. Customize it for all kinds of occasions.

Bright Colorful Background Presentation

Unleash your creativity with this bright, colorful presentation template that you can customize for any purpose.

Wedding Photos Slideshow

Celebrate your special day or of someone you love using this elegant presentation template.

Creative Product Presentation

Draw attention to your unique product, service, or company with this creative product presentation template.

Brand Visual Identity Presentation

Share your brand story and elements in style with this beautiful visual identity presentation template.

Interior Design Presentation

Showcase your brilliant home decor ideas with this interior design presentation template.

Is Graffiti Considered Art Presentation

Create an engaging presentation on the artistic merits of graffiti with this stunning presentation template.

Creative SWOT Analysis Presentation

Give stunning presentations with this artistic SWOT Analysis presentation template.

Graduation Slideshow Presentation

Celebrate the graduation ceremony of your loved ones with this eye-catching slideshow template.

Medical Slideshow Presentation

Educate your audience about healthcare topics with this medical slideshow presentation template.

New Baby Slideshow Presentation

Celebrate the arrival of a new baby using this beautiful slideshow presentation template.

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