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Informational Presentation Templates

Create professional presentations that showcase content relevant to your industry by choosing through one of our free or premium informational presentation templates below. Use a template that perfectly suits your information, or customize it to meet your needs by adding your branding and replacing the text.

Informational 58

Employee Engagement Presentation

Explain how to boost employee engagement in the workplace using this presentation template.

Data Workflow Automation Presentation

Show how data workflow can be automated with this astonishing presentation template.

Virtual Reality Presentation

Use this presentation template to educate your audience on the key elements and components of virtual reality.

Simple Futuristic Presentation

Captivate and engage your audience with this futuristic presentation template.

Patient Care Management Presentation

Share research and statistics related to healthcare systems using this presentation template.

Design Brief Presentation

Showcase your product's design with this professional presentation template.

Scientific Presentation

Showcase the results of your scientific study with this professional presentation template.

Gradient Background Presentation

Use this gradient background presentation template to mesmerize your audience with beautiful color combinations.

6 Steps Marketing Plan Infographic

Summarize your business’s marketing plan to share with your team using this infographic template.

What is an Entrepreneur Presentation

Educate, interact and engage with your audience using this entrepreneur presentation template.

Ignite Presentation

Prepare your graduating class for life after college using this presentation template.

Competitor Analysis Interactive Presentation

Create an eye-catching competitor analysis presentation with this beautiful interactive presentation template.

Public Speaking Tips Presentation

Share insights and key tips on public speaking with this educational presentation template.

Product Training Interactive Presentation

Educate customers on how to use your product with this attention-grabbing interactive presentation template.

Black and Neon Presentation

This creative black presentation template with a pop of neon is all you need to stand out and grab attention.

Social Media Report Presentation

Share your important information with the audience using this social media presentation template.

Sky Background Company Profile Presentation

Share your company information with clients and investors using this company profile presentation template.

Vintage Background Presentation

Add a nostalgic and retro touch to your slideshow with this vintage background presentation template.

Futuristic Presentation

Create stunning slideshows on digital and technology topics with this futuristic presentation template.

Yoga Presentation

Educate customers about your product and service offerings with this soothing yoga presentation template.

Interior Design Presentation

Showcase your brilliant home decor ideas with this interior design presentation template.

Networking Event Presentation

Get to know clients and grow your circle with this networking event presentation template.

Travel Presentation

Take your audience on a visual journey with this travel presentation template.

Training Course Presentation

Use this template to create the perfect training presentation that helps you impart knowledge and skills.

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