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Research Presentation Templates

Present your next research project in style. Whether you’re creating a presentation for a scientific research project, your graduate thesis or a school project, you still want to make sure it’s visually appealing and engaging. Visme’s research presentation templates give you the perfect starting point for your data and information.

Research 33

Lab Research Presentation

Share lab research results with your colleagues using this sleek presentation template.

Consumer Behavior Research Presentation

Illustrate your consumer behavior research with this notable presentation template.

UX Research Presentation

Share the latest trends in UX design using this research presentation template.

Vaccination Research Presentation

Share vaccination research results using this impactful presentation template.

Nonprofit Research Presentation

Share important nonprofit research results with the public using this moving presentation template.

Exploratory Research Presentation

Share exploratory research results with your clients using this influential presentation template.

History Thesis Presentation

Explain your history thesis using this engaging presentation template.

Foreign Language Thesis Presentation

Present your thesis on foreign languages using this colorful presentation template.

University Research Presentation

Present your Ph.D. proposal using this university research presentation template.

Market Segmentation Presentation

Get to your target audience using this market segmentation presentation template.

Foreign Policy Research Presentation

Share the results of your foreign policy research using this attention-grabbing presentation template.

Finance Research Presentation

Present interesting statistics related to the financial industry using this presentation template.

Machine Learning Research Presentation

Propone a machine learning research with this stylish presentation template.

Technology Research Presentation

Excite your audience about your technology research with this futuristic presentation template.

Economics Research Presentation

Explain comprehensive economics research in simple terms using this monochromatic presentation template.

Investment Research Presentation

Research the best opportunities for investments and showcase the results in this unique presentation template.

Conflict Resolution Presentation

Explain the mechanisms of conflict resolution with this interesting presentation template.

Sociology Research Presentation

Make complex sociology issues easy to understand with this research presentation template.

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