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Statistical Infographic Templates

Put a unique spin on your statistical infographics by pulling multiple charts, graphs and data widgets together. Take advantage of Visme's data visualization options to create an infographic report that showcases multiple statistics at once. Browse our selection of statistical infographic templates to gather inspiration for how to put yours together.

Statistical 142

Choose a statistical infographic template below to get started.

Green Endorsement Infographic

Show your professional commitment to the planet with this attractive, environmentally-friendly infographic template.

Strategic Vision Infographic

Summarize your strategies and illustrate them in a visually comprehensive way using this strategic-vision infographic template

How to Use Videos in Emails Infographic

Illustrate fun facts and highlight important points from your how-to articles using this how-to-use-videos-in-emails infographic

Weekly Jobs Infographic

Present facts and figures in a visually comprehensive manner using this weekly-jobs infographic template.

Mental Health Infographic

Showcase important mental health statistics with this professional infographic template.

Customer Service Statistics - Infographic

Highlight key customer service statistics with this stunning infographic template. 

Mobile Gaming Trends Infographic

Present statistical data on mobile gaming trends using this catchy infographic template.

Water Crisis Statistics Infographic

Showcase statistics on the global water crisis with this attention-grabbing infographic template.

Strategy Diagram - Infographic

Highlight your strategies and create a visually comprehensive flowchart using this strategy diagram infographic template. 

Financial Infographic

Showcase your financial success with this professional infographic template.

Liberty Travel Infographic

Revamp your travel blogs and illustrate any type of information in a visually comprehensive manner using this liberty travel infographic template.

The Science Behind the Farm Bill Infographic

Explain the science behind the farm bill with this colorful infographic template.

Social Networks in the Workplace Survey Infographic

Share survey results on the social networks in the workplace around the world using this modern template.

Key Statistics on Visual Marketing Infographic

Showcase key statistics on visual marketing with this eye-catching infographic template.

Creative Statistical Infographic

Share statistical data in an engaging way with this creative infographic template.

Video Game Statistics Infographic

Share interesting video game statistics with this pixel-font infographic template.

Human Resources Statistics Infographic

Create the perfect infographic for showcasing human resources statistics with this stunning infographic template. 

5 Facts About Everest Infographic

Use statistical data to share interesting facts about Mount Everest with this colorful infographic template.

Internet Usage Infographic

Create fun, informative infographics with data visualizations using this internet usage infographic template.

Fun Facts About Your Brain Infographic

Turn your lectures into an easily comprehensible infographic using this fun-facts-about-your-brain infographic template.

Small Business Statistics Infographic

Highlight key small business statistics with this professional infographic template.

Countries With the Most MLB Players Infographic

Showcase important geographical information about sports or any other topic with this infographic template.

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