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Informational Infographic Templates

Using an informational infographic template helps you to provide a new level of information to your audience. Instead of the same old blog post, webpage, social media post and more, you’re able to create a stunning infographic that helps convey an even greater understanding of your content.

Informational 288

Choose an informational infographic template below to get started.

Startup Credential Infographic

Use this startup credential infographic template to summarize processes and steps that are essential for launching a startup. 

Necessity of Blogging Infographic

Use this necessity of blogging infographic template to illustrate the importance of tasks related to your business.   

Education Choice Infographic

Use this education choice infographic template to present guidelines and ideas visually.

Email Marketing Tips Infographic

Turn your long tips and tricks articles into bite-sized visuals with this email marketing tips infographic template.

10 Surprising Facts Infographic

Present useful data to your audience using this surprising facts infographic template.

Fun Indoor Activities Infographic

Highlight fun things to do indoors with this eye-catching infographic template.

List of Common Things Infographic

Turn simple lists into beautiful, comprehensible infographics using this list infographic template.

What Makes An Infographic Bad Infographic

Check out design tips and tricks and learn how to create a beautiful infographic using this infographic template. 

6 Principles of Learning Infographic

Illustrate concepts in a visually appealing and comprehensive way using this infographic template.

Impact of Smartphones Infographic

Present facts and figures in a visually engaging way using this impact of smartphones infographic template.

Pandemic Planning Checklist Infographic

Plan necessities needed for a pandemic with this extensive checklist infographic template.

Six Design Tips for Instagram Stories Infographic

Explain the six keys to creating a successful Instagram story for your brand with this helpful infographic.

Marketing Goals - Infographic

Highlight your company's marketing goals with this stunning infographic.

Building a Website Design Infographic

Illustrate website design processes or any other project workflow using this infographic template.

Mobile App Prototype Creation Checklist Infographic

Create an informative mobile app prototype creation checklist infographic with this professionally designed infographic template.

Competitive Analysis - Infographic

Create a visually engaging version of a comparison chart using this competitive analysis infographic template.

How to Wash Your Hands Infographic

Get creative and explain step-by-steps and lists in an interactive way using this animated infographic template.

When to Use Different Charts Infographic

Teach your team when to use different types of charts with this detailed infographic template.

Guide to Hashtags Infographic

Explain the importance and proper usage of hashtags with this colorful guide.

Coronavirus Dos and Don'ts - Infographic

Make a beautiful comparison chart with text, visuals and animations using this coronavirus infographic template.

About Us Infographic

Use your company’s story and turn it into a beautiful infographic using this about us infographic template.

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