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Free Professional Timeline Infographic Templates

Access a vast library of free timeline templates for any business use case and for any size including Infographics Presentations, and Reports. Need to visualize a series of events or the timeline of a project? With Visme's beautiful timeline graphic templates, you can easily create professional and easy-to-follow visualizations of chronological events or the phases of a project. Simply choose your favorite timeline design from the templates below and customize with your own text and modify the colors, fonts and icons to fit your needs.

Timeline 95

Choose a timeline infographic template below to get started.

Website Design Project Timeline Infographic

Guide businesses through the typical timeline of a website design with this elegant infographic template.

Voyager Mission Milestones Timeline Infographic

Create a timeline of the Voyager Mission milestones with this bright timeline template.

Launch an Online Store Timeline Infographic

Visually present business plans to your team or investors using the launch-an-online-store timeline infographic template. 

Paper Company History Timeline Roadmap Infographic

Take stock of your company’s history with this dazzling roadmap infographic template.

Crystal Diner Company Timeline Infographic

Make people want to taste your delicious food with this bright-colored template.

Production Process Timeline Infographic

Illustrate your company’s production methods and stepwise processes using this production process timeline infographic template.  

History of Email Timeline Infographic

Spark people’s interest in the history of email development with this groovy infographic template.

Pet Day Launch Roadmap Infographic

Prepare your pet daycare business for opening with this timeline roadmap infographic template.

The Business Plan Competition Timeline Infographic

Announce the next business plan competition in style with this timeline template.

Social Media Platform Timeline Infographic

Give people insights into the history of social media platforms they use daily in an easily comprehensible way with this structured template.

General Motors History Timeline Infographic

Explain history in the form of a visually engaging timeline with this beautiful timeline infographic template.

History of Money Timeline Infographic

Help people understand the history of money with this engaging infographic template.

Ice Cream Timeline Infographic

Get started creating your own interesting and fun historical timelines using the ice cream timeline infographic template.

Company History Timeline Infographic

History can be boring, but not when you have this easily customizable company history timeline infographic template to illustrate your company’s eventful dates. 

Coca Cola Logo Evolution Timeline Infographic

Showcase your knowledge of Coca-Cola logo evolution with this groovy timeline template.

Website Design Timeline Infographic

Create a comprehensive process for your website design projects using this website design timeline infographic template.

Ecommerce Website Project Milestones Infographic

Customize this sleek e-commerce website project milestone to keep track of your project progress.

History of Solar Technology Timeline Infographic

Share the most important moments in the history of solar technology with this neat infographic template.

Dissertation Writing Services Workflow - Infographic

Use this project workflow infographic template to illustrate step-by-step processes in a visual way.

History of Graphic Design Timeline Infographic

Show people why the history of graphic design is important in a fun way with this timeline template.

Headlines Timeline Infographic

Crack a laugh or two whilst educating people about history with this rewritten headlines timeline template.

Nestlé Company History Timeline Infographic

Share your company’s history with clients, customers and coworkers with this impactful timeline infographic template.

The Story of Your Company Timeline Infographic

Tell your company’s story in a visually compelling way with this bright-colored template.

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