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Comparison Infographic Templates

Show off the similarities and differences between two things, like your company versus the competition, by using a comparison infographic template. These are a creative way to show off what sets your business apart from the rest, or simply to compare two or more things related to your industry.

Comparison 105

Choose a comparison infographic template below to get started.

Social Media Comparison - Infographic

Create an eye-catching infographic to compare different social media platforms with this professional infographic template.

Data Scientist T-Chart - Infographic

Analyze the pros and cons of becoming a data scientist with this dark-themed T-chart template.

Canva vs. Adobe Spark - Infographic

Make comparing and contrasting interesting with this Canva vs. Adobe Spark comparison infographic template.

B2B vs B2C Marketing - Infographic

Highlight the differences between B2B and B2C marketing with this attractive infographic template.

Eastern vs Western Corporate Culture - Infographic

Facilitate genuine understanding and connections between cultures through this colorful and thought-provoking infographic.

iPhone Comparison - Infographic

Drum up enthusiasm for the best features of iPhone models using the electric, dynamic quality of this infographic template.

How to Fund Your Startup - Infographic

Give your tutorial-based articles a visual transformation with this easy-to-use infographic template.

Arteries vs Veins - Infographic

Broaden people’s knowledge of their bodies with this engaging and educational medical-themed infographic.

Fiction vs Non Fiction Comparison - Infographic

Compare and contrast the dominant genres of literature with this grounded and attractive infographic.

Banking Comparison - Infographic

Help those exploring their banking options through this neat and straightforward infographic.

Creative Comparison - Infographic

Compare and contrast two items in an engaging way with this creative infographic template.

Market Communication Venn Diagram - Infographic

‌Easily explain concepts with this market communication Venn diagram infographic template.

SaaS Pricing Plans - Infographic

Entice new customers to your unrivaled SaaS plans through this perfectly simple and clear infographic.

Product Comparison - Infographic

Take a boring product comparison table and turn it into an impressive infographic with this product comparison infographic template.

COVID-19 Vaccines Opinions vs. Facts T-Chart - Infographic

Educate your audience on COVID-19-related facts using this facts-vs-opinions T-chart template.

Classic and Digital Marketing - Infographic

Help your audience understand the differences between classic and digital marketing using this professional infographic template.

Healthy Food Comparison Chart - Infographic

Compare ideas, features, pros, cons and more with this beautiful food comparison chart template.

Coronavirus Dos and Don'ts - Infographic

Make a beautiful comparison chart with text, visuals and animations using this coronavirus infographic template.

Digital Subscription Prices Comparison - Infographic

Compare between different data sources and products using this bar graph comparison infographic template.

Comparing Products Online - Infographic

Help your readers know where to shop online for the best products with this sleek infographic template.

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