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Location Infographic Templates

Whether you’re trying to share a location with your audience to discuss an event that happened there, talk about population or demonstrate other location-based data sets, you need a location infographic template to get you started. Choose from the options below, then use the map maker inside of Visme to choose your locations, color code, add data and more.

Location 30

Choose a location infographic template below to get started.

Marriage Equality Around the World Infographic

Spread the word on equality of marital rights around the world with this love-and-marriage-inspired infographic template.

Top Coffee Consuming Countries Infographic

Illustrate which countries in the world consume the most coffee per capita with this coffee-themed infographic template.

Cost of Living in 2021 Infographic

Showcase the most and least expensive places in the world using this cost-of-living infographic template.

Worldwide Patent Grants Infographic

Share interesting statistics on patent grants with this colorful infographic template.

Welcome to New York Infographic

Share useful information about a city with this welcome-to-New-York infographic template.

Best Wildlife Conservation Countries Infographic

Highlight countries with the best wildlife conservation policies using this lively infographic template.

Top Freelancing Countries Infographic

Share what countries are a top pick for freelancers with this informative infographic template.

Frequently Visited Countries Infographic

Show which countries are the most appealing to tourists worldwide using this map-based infographic template.

Coronavirus Map Infographic

Join the conversation about cases in the U.S. with this coronavirus map infographic template.

Modern Location Infographic

Share location-based information with this modern infographic template.

Megabrew Latin Roots Map - Infographic

Showcase geographic information and point to specific locations with this editable map infographic template.

Top 10 Countries Map - Infographic

Looking for a simple map infographic template? Customize this world map template to highlight regions or countries.

Highest Valued Export Map - Infographic

Highlight regions or countries with this customizable map infographic template. Create your own today.

World Map - Infographic

Customize this world map infographic template to showcase geographic information in a fun, visual way.

Europe Map - Infographic

Present your location-based research findings with ease with this visually engaging map infographic template.

US States Population Infographic

Share population density information with this United-States-themed infographic template.

World Happiness Index 2021 Infographic

Share where the happiest people live using this world happiness index infographic template.

US Petroleum Imports Infographic

Illustrate oil trade with this US petroleum imports infographic template.

Popular Attractions Map - Infographic

Visualize geographic information with ease by customizing this map infographic template today.

Daily Newspaper Map - Infographic

Customize this beautiful world map infographic template with free fonts, icons, images and more.

World’s Best Countries Map Generator - Infographic

Engage your audience with compelling information using this world map infographic template.

Social Networks Asia Map - Infographic

Present location-based information in an engaging way with this social networks map infographic template.

Mental Health in the US Infographic

Share important statistics on mental health in the US with this professional-looking infographic template.

Rainiest States in America Infographic

Show which state is the rainiest in America with this weather-themed infographic template.

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