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Infographic Resume Templates

Infographic resume templates allow your resume to stand out from the crowd. In today's competitive job market, standing out is exactly what you want to do. If your resume looks like everyone else's, it may sit in the slush pile, unnoticed. However, with excellent, high quality, and eye-catching infographics backing it up, it will be one of the first ones plucked up to view by a potential employer.

Resume 65

Choose a resume infographic template below to get started.

Interior Designer Resume

Capture your recruiter’s attention using this interior design resume template.

Customer Service Representative Resume

Share your credential with recruiters in style using this eye-catching resume template.

Computer Engineering Resume

Show your skills and educational background with this resume template.

Tourism Manager Resume - Infographic

Looking for a creative way to highlight your skills? Customize and edit this tourist manager resume and get the job done!

Payroll Specialist Resume - Infographic

Get creative with your resume and upgrade to a modern visual style using this payroll specialist resume infographic template.

Light Fast Food Server Resume - Infographic

Draw attention to your professional expertise with this customizable fast food resume infographic template.

Health And Wellness Director Resume - Infographic

Use this health and wellness director resume infographic to highlight your skills and experiences in a related field.

General Contractor Resume - Infographic

Looking for a creative way to create your resume by keeping it professional? Customize this contractor resume now and get the job done!

Sales Associate Resume - Infographic

Show off your skills and experiences as a corporate professional using this sales resume infographic template.

Professional Resume - Infographic

Turn your conventional resume into a visually appealing infographic using this professional resume infographic template. 

Sales Associate Resume - Infographic

Use this sales associate resume infographic to highlight your skills and experiences in a visual way.

Automotive Resume

Immediately capture the attention of your recruiters using this resume template.

Sales Representative Resume

Acquire your dream sales job with the help of this creative resume template.

Architect Resume

Showcase your architectural skills and win over your recruiters using this resume template.

First Year Teacher Resume - Infographic

Highlight your experiences and skills visually with this professional teaching resume infographic.

Freelance Animator Resume - Infographic

Looking to land your ideal job? Stand out with this creative animator resume infographic template.

Public Transportation Resume (Color) - Infographic

Grab your recruiter’s attention by creating a visually appealing resume by the help of this public transportation resume infographic template.

Engineering Design and Management Resume - Infographic

Highlight your design and management skills by customizing this professional, single page resume infographic template.

Computer Engineering Resume (Color)

Win over the engineering job you’ve always dreamt of with this colorful resume template.

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