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Nonprofit Infographic Templates

If your nonprofit is looking for more donors or getting collateral ready for your next event or gala, putting together an infographic that covers where donations go, who your nonprofit helps and how it works is a great way to build trust. Check out the nonprofit infographic templates below to choose one that will work for you.

Nonprofits 30

Choose a nonprofit infographic template below to get started.

Become a Volunteer at a Nonprofit Infographic

Explain why becoming a volunteer is beneficial for an individual using this nonprofit infographic template.

Cancer Disease Awareness Infographic

Raise awareness on cancer diseases with this compelling infographic template.

Community Support Infographic

Explain to people how they can support local communities with this bright infographic template.

Support the Cause Nonprofit Infographic

Invite people to support your cause with this infographic template adapt for nonprofits.

Raising Money for People In Need Infographic

Raise money for people in need with this inviting infographic template.

Breast Cancer Awareness Infographic

Make your audience aware of the statistics on breast cancer using this pink infographic template.

Boosting Mental Health Infographic

Educate your audience on the importance of mental health with this informative infographic template.

Why Nonprofits Need a Marketing Strategy Infographic

Increase awareness about nonprofits’ marketing strategies using this compelling infographic template.

Top Global Causes of Death Infographic

Educate people on the top causes of death around the world with this informative infographic template.

Poverty Reduction Program Infographic

Present your nonprofit’s initiatives and programs using this poverty-reduction program infographic template.

Animal Shelter Infographic

Invite your audience to adopt pets from animal shelters with this cute infographic template.

Nonprofit Communication Plan Timeline Infographic

Create a visual story out of your nonprofit’s project plans using this nonprofit communication plan timeline infographic template.

Nonprofit Fundraiser Infographic

Create a summarized report of your fundraiser events using this nonprofit fundraiser infographic template.

Why Donate Infographic

Take your pitch deck to the next level using this why-donate infographic template.

Nonprofit History Timeline Infographic

Tell people why your cause is important with this nonprofit history timeline template.

Water Scarcity Infographic

Explain the phenomenon of water scarcity using this rainy infographic template.

Donating Blood Infographic

Explain why donating blood matters with this unique infographic template.

Global Travel Program Infographic

Help people understand the initiatives of your nonprofit with this global-travel-program infographic template.

Drive Safe Infographic

Offer constructive solutions to driving safely with this sophisticated infographic template.

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