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Bite Sized Infographic Templates

Spice up your blog posts and web pages with Visme’s bite-sized infographic templates. Instead of adding a full infographic, visualize statistics, interesting facts, quotes and information using these easily digestible graphics. Choose your favorite template from the options below and customize it using Visme’s drag-and-drop infographic maker.

Bite Sized 357

Choose a bite sized template below to get started.

What is Design Thinking - Infographic

Showcase the thought process behind exceptional design with this attractive infographic.

Interactive Content Statistic - Infographic

Showcase helpful marketing tips through this captivating infographic template.

Remote Team Building Activities - Infographic

Ensure that your remote team stays connected with this timely infographic template.

Biggest Industries in the United States Pie Chart

Present data in an organized and appealing way using this customizable pie chart template.

What Is Infographic Marketing Infographic

Introduce your audience to the basics of infographic marketing with this attractive infographic template.

Visuals in Marketing - Infographic

Take a unique approach to sharing marketing statistics with this dynamic infographic template.

Striking Presentation Visuals - Infographic

Delve into the various challenges that presenters face with this informative infographic template.

Visuals Boost Engagement - Infographic

Guide your audience through the complexities of marketing with this game-changing infographic template.

Effective Communication Strategies - Infographic

Break down the different elements of an effective presentation with this appealing infographic template.

Patients and Charts - Infographic

Productively relay information by sharing this eye-opening infographic template.

Visuals and Payment - Infographic

Share impactful ways to boost sales with this compelling infographic template.

Megabrew Latin Roots Map - Infographic

Showcase geographic information and point to specific locations with this editable map infographic template.

PowerPoint Attention Span - Infographic

Offer your audience valuable insight into presentation trends with this engaging infographic template.

Top 10 Countries Map - Infographic

Looking for a simple map infographic template? Customize this world map template to highlight regions or countries.

Highest Valued Export Map - Infographic

Highlight regions or countries with this customizable map infographic template. Create your own today.

Ecommerce Store UX UI Design Project Infographic

Create an attractive and informative status report for any project with this stunning template.

World Map - Infographic

Customize this world map infographic template to showcase geographic information in a fun, visual way.

Europe Map - Infographic

Present your location-based research findings with ease with this visually engaging map infographic template.

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