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Customer Persona Templates

Visualize the traits and characteristics of your ideal buyer using our customer persona templates. Whether you’re a small business or a large enterprise, these customer persona templates can be easily customized according to your needs. Add or remove information, expand on your personas with more pages and text, add icons and graphics, and download or share online with a few clicks.

Customer Personas 20

UX Designer Customer Persona

Use this persona template to visualize the goals, frustrations and personality traits of your perfect customer.

Parent Customer Persona

This beautiful customer persona template is ideal for brands selling family-related products.

Marketing Manager Customer Persona

Develop your brand's marketing strategy using this editable persona template.

Fitness Enthusiast Customer Persona

Use this persona template to visualize customers for your health and fitness products.

Gen Z Customer Persona

Show the underlying characteristics of your Gen Z customers with this persona template.

Health Conscious Customer Persona

Use this persona template to put together ideal customer characteristics for your health-related business.

Millennial Customer Persona

Visualize characteristics and understand your customers better with this persona template.

College Student Customer Persona

Learn about common frustrations of college students using this persona template.

Avid Shopper Customer Persona

Use this persona template to put together common traits found in your high-spending shoppers.

Software Developer Customer Persona

Show what frustrates and motivates your ideal customer with this persona template.

Ride-Sharing App Customer Persona

Visualize your ideal customer’s personality and pain points with this persona template.

Code Review System Customer Persona

Understand your user’s biggest challenges with this coding software user persona template.

Reference Management Software Customer Persona

Present the most common needs of your customers using this persona template.

Real Estate App Customer Persona

Visualize the characteristics and pain points of your real estate clients with this persona template.

Project Management Software Customer Persona

Jot down your target user’s information and requirements in this SaaS customer persona template.

Design Software Customer Persona

Use this stunning customer persona template to break down the characteristics of your target audience.

Job Board Customer Persona

Put together the personality traits and features of your ideal employee using this persona template.

Ecommerce Customer Persona

Show the common traits of your ideal customer with this persona template.

Online Learning Platform Customer Persona

Show what your brand’s ideal user looks like with this customer persona template.

Marketing Guide Customer Persona

Show the features and requirements that make up your perfect customer with this persona template.

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