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Wireframe Templates

Visualize a new app or website concept before sending it to the developer using these wireframe templates. Not a designer? Don’t worry. Anyone can make wireframes with Visme’s easy-to-customize templates, drag-and-drop design tools and sharing features.

Wireframes 23

Fashion E-Commerce Tablet App UI Wireframe

Create an intuitive visualization for your upcoming application using this wireframe template.

Online Learning Website Wireframe

Visualize different components of your online learning website using this wireframe template.

E-learning Platform Lead Capturing Landing Page

Improve your website design structure one step at a time using this wireframe template.

Restaurant Mobile App UI Wireframe

Establish the basic structure of your restaurant application with this stunning wireframe template.

Marketing Tool Website Wireframe

Visualize the content and functionality of your dream website using this wireframe template.

CRMTool Dashboard Wireframe

Illustrate the design and content of your website dashboard using this wireframe template.

Fitness Center Landing Page

Layout the content of your landing pages using this professional wireframe template. 

Social Media App Wireframe Flow

Improve the overall look and feel of your social media application using this wireframe template.

Travel Agency Landing Page Wireframe

Easily visualize the landing page of your new travel website with this eye-catching wireframe template.

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