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Zoom Background Templates

Add some color into your Zoom meetings using Visme’s Zoom background templates. You can change your background to cover up a messy background, to spice things up, or simply to promote your brand and logo. Each template below is fully customizable. Go ahead and choose your favorite one to get started.

Zoom Backgrounds 20

Yoga Class - Zoom Background

Enhance your online yoga class with this bright Zoom background template.

Basketball - Zoom Background

Host successful virtual meetings using this enticing Zoom background template.

Underwater - Zoom Background

Share your love for the ocean during your next virtual meeting with this vibrant Zoom background template.

Scenic View - Zoom Background

Set the tone for your next virtual meeting with this stunning Zoom background template.

Financial - Zoom Background

Promote your team’s superb financial skills with this sophisticated Zoom background template.

Horoscope - Zoom Background

Share your astrological sign with this entrancing Zoom background template.

Class - Zoom Background

Welcome your virtual class with this animated Zoom background template.

Adventure - Zoom Background

Inspire your audience during virtual meetings with this magnificent Zoom background template.

Accounting Firm - Zoom Background

Inspire confidence in your team’s accounting services with this professional Zoom background template.

Helping Minds - Zoom Background

Create a relaxing atmosphere for your virtual therapy sessions with this welcoming Zoom background template.

Snowing - Zoom Background

Share your love for the holiday season with this animated Zoom background template.

Party Planning - Zoom Background

Make your next virtual party a huge success with this captivating Zoom background template.

Coworking Space - Zoom Background

Create a productive coworking environment with this stellar Zoom background template.

The Great Garden - Zoom Background

Stylishly promote your flower shop with this subtle Zoom background template.

Holbox Makeup - Zoom Background

Creatively promote your makeup brand with this engaging Zoom background template.

Natural Skincare - Zoom Background

Showcase your natural skincare products with this delicate Zoom background template.

Eat Simple Nutrition - Zoom Background

Encourage your audience to simplify their diet with this straightforward Zoom background template.

Mindfulness Center - Zoom Background

Encourage your virtual audience to practice mindfulness with this breathtaking Zoom background template.

Design Firm - Zoom Background

Give clients a taste of your fantastic design services with this alluring Zoom background template.

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