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Animated Quote Templates

Draw attention to meaningful quotes by going beyond static text and presenting them in an engaging, visual way. Share quotes from industry leaders, celebrities and influencers using one of Visme’s animated quote templates and bring your social media feed to life.

Animated Quotes 48

Franklin D. Roosevelt - Animated Quote

Inspire your readers to keep fighting for their dreams with this striking animated quote template.

David Brier - Animated Quote

Give your readers quality marketing advice with this eye-catching animated quote template.

Eleanor Roosevelt - Animated Quote

Motivate your readers to chase their dreams with this Eleanor Roosevelt animated quote template.

Jonah Sachs - Animated Quote

Speak to your audience about branding using this compelling animated quote template.

Marty Neumeier - Animated Quote

Give your audience branding tips with this Marty Neumeier animated quote template.

Robert Louis Stevenson - Animated Quote

Engage your audience with this inspiring animated quote template.

Tim Berners-Lee Quote

Bring your favorite quote to life using this stunning animated video ad template.

Jeff Bezos - Animated Quote

Provide valuable branding insight with this Jeff Bezos-inspired animated quote template.

Bill Gates Quote

Use this video ad template to share your favorite Bill Gates quote with the world.

Jeffrey Gitomer Quote

Inspire your target audience with thought-provoking quotes using this video ad template.

Larry Kim Quote

Share your favorite inspirational quote with your audience with this video ad template.

Lewis Howes Walsh - Animated Quote

Share relevant marketing advice using this spot-on animated quote template.

Jessica Walsh - Animated Quote

Encourage your audience to pursue their goals with this wistful animated quote template.

Jason Hartman - Animated Quote

Coach your audience on the importance of branding with this checklist animated quote template.

Andy Rooney Animated Quote

Use this video ad template to share your love for dogs and other wildlife.

Tony Robbins Animated Quote

Inspire viewers with a powerful quote using this video ad template.

Mother Teresa Animated Quote

Use this video ad template to share the message of love with your audience.

John Lennon Animated Quote

Show the true meaning of life using this colorful video ad template.

Henry David Thoreau Animated Quote

Bring the quote of your favorite personality to life with this video ad template.

Helen Keller Inspirational Animated Quote

Bring your favorite quote to life with this video ad template.

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