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Listicle Templates

Create engaging short videos for social media or for adding into your blog posts using our listicle video templates. These listicle videos are bite-sized and perfect for summarizing articles, steps and processes. Customize them with your own photos, text, icons, animations, music and more with a few clicks. No design experience needed!

Listicles 28

3 Tips for Better Sleep - Listicle Video

Share useful tips for quality sleep with this enchanting listicle template.

3 Ways to Flex Your Creative Muscle Listicle

Teach your audience how they can become more productive with this listicle video template.

4 Award-Winners - Listicle Video

Create compelling presentations with this regal listicle template.

Top 5 Charitable Donors in the U.S. - Listicle Video

Enlighten your audience about charitable donors with this fresh listicle template.

3 Facts About High Blood Pressure - Listicle Video

Educate your audience about high blood pressure with this eye-catching listicle template.

3 Ways to Slow the Spread of COVID-19 - Listicle Video

Give your audience useful tips to stay healthy with this practical listicle template.

5 Things You Didn't Know About Disneyland - Listicle Video

Pique your audience’s interest with this Disneyland-themed listicle template.

3 Tips to Avoid Burnout - Listicle Video

Actively help your team avoid burnout with this relevant listicle template.

3 Things Every Marketer Should Learn - Listicle Video

Rise to the top of the marketing industry with this helpful listicle template.

3 Tips for New Salespeople - Listicle Video

Train new members of your sales team with this animated listicle template.

5 Tips for a Healthy Pregnancy - Listicle Video

Offer helpful tips to expecting mothers with this dynamic listicle template.

Top-Rated Vacation Spots in the U.S - Listicle Video

Share fabulous vacation spots with this inspiring listicle template.

4 Secret Study Hacks - Listicle Video

Help tired students stay on track with this informative listicle template.

4 Tips for Investing - Listicle Video

Show your audience how to make sound investments with this compelling listicle template.

3 Reasons Why You Must Visit The Brazilian Carnival Listicle Video

Share your travel experience with your audience using this creative listicle video template.

3 Top Data Visualization Best Practices - Listicle Video

Help your audience master data visualization with this step-by-step listicle template.

3 Ways to Make Your Blog More Engaging - Listicle Video

Offer bloggers valuable tips for more engaging content with this compelling listicle template.

Tips for Effective Online Learning Listicle Video

Roundup the best tips for effective online learning using this listicle video template.

Investment Tips Listicle Video

Create a list of the most useful investing tips using this eye-catching listicle template.

Best Apps for Managing Crypto Assets Listicle Video

Use this professionally-designed listicle template to showcase the best apps for crypto asset management.

New Property Investment Listicle Video

Create intrigue for your upcoming real estate events with this listicle video template.

3 Tips for Healthier Eating Listicle Video

Share important tips and benefits of healthy eating habits with this listicle video template.

Benefits of Having Detox Smoothies for Health Benefits Listicle Video

Outline the benefits of detox smoothies using this professionally-designed listicle video template.

Top Apps to Increase Your Personal Digital Safety Listicle Video

Use this listicle video template to showcase the best applications for personal online safety.

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