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Instagram Video Ad Templates

Create an eye-catching promotion with Visme’s Instagram video ad templates. Boost engagement on your Instagram account and drive more traffic to your website. Each Instagram video ad template comes in two formats; post and story. Customize your favorite video ad template with your own colors, text and graphics in minutes.

Instagram Video Ads 30

Running Shoes - Instagram Video Ad

Boost visibility for your brand’s quality running shoes through this fun and engaging Instagram ad template.

Nonprofit Fundraiser - Instagram Video Ad

Increase visibility for your cause by using this simple but powerful Instagram ad template.

Gift Shop - Instagram Video Ad

Generate the attention your gift shop deserves when you tailor this Instagram ad template to your unique style.

Football Game - Instagram Video Ad

Drum up excitement for the football game of the season using this bright and entertaining Instagram ad template.

Community College - Instagram Video Ad

Motivate potential students to consider your school’s educational experience through this bright, aspirational Instagram ad template.

Travel Agency - Instagram Video Ad

Awaken future travelers to the possibilities of your travel agency through this beautiful Instagram ad template.

Hour Tracking App - Instagram Video Ad

Productivity and positivity make a happy match in this Instagram ad template made for your hour tracking app.

Virtual Internship - Instagram Video Ad

Spread the word that your company’s hiring for a virtual internship through this warm-toned, informative Instagram ad template.

Music Podcast - Instagram Video Ad

Ramp up enthusiasm for the next episode of your music podcast this striking Instagram ad template.

Spring Sale - Instagram Video Ad

Woo potential customers to browse through your brand’s spring sale with this enchanting Instagram ad template.

Digital Marketing Training - Instagram Video Ad

Promote your next digital marketing training course in style with this bold, statement Instagram ad template.

Vacancy - Instagram Video Ad

Draw from a wider pool of candidates while spotlighting the best of your company with this Instagram ad template.

Freelance Photographer - Instagram Video Ad

Attract new clients to your photography business using the simple, alluring quality of this Instagram ad template.

Airlines - Instagram Video Ad

Celebrate the amazing destinations and experience of your airline by tailoring this Instagram ad template to your company’s style.

Street Navigation App - Instagram Video Ad

Make a memorable first impression for your street navigation app using this modern, vibrant Instagram ad template.

Financial - Instagram Video Ad

Promote your efficient banking app with the help of this trendy Instagram video ad template.

Open House - Instagram Video Ad

Attract potential buyers for your comfortable condo with this dazzling Instagram video ad template.

Painting Course - Instagram Video Ad

Creatively promote your newest painting course with the help of this colorful Instagram video ad template.

Home Security System - Instagram Video Ad

Spread the word about your fantastic home security services using this streamlined Instagram video ad template.

Yoga App - Instagram Video Ad

Help your audience take their yoga skills to the next level with this compelling Instagram video ad template.

Musical Instrument - Instagram Video Ad

Promote your informative and exciting guitar lessons using this engaging Instagram video ad template.

Smartphone - Instagram Video Ad

Grow your client base with the help of this outstanding Instagram video ad template.

Food Service - Instagram Video Ad

Advertise your fantastic food delivery business with the help of this mouth-watering Instagram video ad template.

Home Fair - Instagram Video Ad

Make your mark in real estate using this luxurious Instagram video ad template.

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