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YouTube Video Ad Templates

Drive more clicks and website traffic with Visme’s YouTube video ad templates. Create a video ad that YouTube video watchers won’t be able to resist. Grab attention in those first few seconds, and boost brand awareness and conversions. Customize your favorite YouTube video ad template from the options below and download it in high-quality.

YouTube Video Ads 29

Logistics Services - YouTube Video Ad

Increase your logistics services visibility by personalizing this dynamic and expertly composed YouTube ad template.

Apartment for Rent - YouTube Video Ad

You’ll rent out your apartment in no time when you customize this stylish and professional YouTube ad template.

Ecommerce - YouTube Video Ad

Your business easily draws in new customers with this electric and colorful YouTube ad template.

New Magazine Issue - YouTube Video Ad

New readers flock to your magazine’s incredible content when you use this fresh YouTube ad template.

Supermarket - YouTube Video Ad

Boost your supermarket’s position in the community by customizing this down-to-earth YouTube ad template.

Fashion Brand - YouTube Video Ad

Highlight the best of your fashion brand’s designs using this enchanting YouTube ad template.

Productivity Tool - YouTube Video Ad

Promote your productivity tool’s benefits through this YouTube ad template’s sleek design.

Cooking Tip - YouTube Video Ad

Deliver cooking tips that upgrade someone’s next recipe with this educational, positive YouTube ad template.

We are Closing - YouTube Video Ad

Announce your business’s decision to the community by customizing this straightforward YouTube ad template.

Obesity Awareness - YouTube Video Ad

Offer the encouragement that people need to make healthy life choices through the upbeat, nurturing quality of this YouTube ad template.

Graduate School - YouTube Video Ad

Charm new candidates for your graduate school’s programs through the professional, inspirational tone of this YouTube ad template.

Language App - YouTube Video Ad

Nurture the next generation of self-driven language learners by customizing this YouTube ad template.

Ride Booking App - YouTube Video Ad

Spark interest in your ride booking app’s unique qualities by tailoring this energetic YouTube ad template.

We are Hiring - YouTube Video Ad

Encourage excitement when searching for your next hire by using this dynamic YouTube ad template.

Law Firm - YouTube Video Ad

Reassure people that your firm is on their side with this professional YouTube ad template.

Yoga Instructor - YouTube Video Ad

Build up a following for your yoga videos and content using this peaceful YouTube video ad template.

Eyeglasses - YouTube Video Ad

Showcase your shop’s fantastic range of glasses with this trendy YouTube video ad template.

Medical Clinic - YouTube Video Ad

Spread the word about your medical center’s exceptional services with this whimsical YouTube video ad template.

Printing Services YouTube Video Ad

Promote your top-notch printing services using this vibrant YouTube video ad template.

Visit Scotland - YouTube Video Ad

Give your audience a taste of Scotland’s beauty with this breathtaking YouTube video ad template.

Environmental - Nonprofit YouTube Video Ad

Share your environmentally-friendly initiatives with this wholesome YouTube video ad template.

Earphones - YouTube Video Ad

Creatively promote your newest line of headphones with this modern YouTube video ad template.

Gym - YouTube Video Ad

Attract more visitors to your top-notch gym with this alluring YouTube video ad template.

Business - Loan YouTube Video Ad

Help your audience see the value of their budding ideas with this artistic YouTube video ad template.

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