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Trailer Video Templates

Create hype around your movie, short film, ad or documentary with our trailer video templates. Promote your upcoming video and get your audience excited. Simply choose a trailer video template from the options below, plug in your own footage and text content, and download or share it right away to create a buzz.

Trailer Videos 20

Sad Movie - Trailer Video

Connect with your audience with the help of this sentimental trailer video template.

Short Film Movie - Trailer Video

Creatively present your new short film with this gripping trailer video template.

Horror Movie - Trailer Video

Captivate your audience with this striking horror movie trailer video template.

Sci-Fi Movie - Trailer Video

Spread the word about your next sci-fi film with this inspiring trailer video template.

Comedy Movie - Trailer Video

Instantly capture your audience’s attention with the help of this comedy trailer video template.

Action Movie - Trailer Video

Instantly captivate your audience when you use this action movie trailer video template.

Epic Movie - Trailer Video

Make a lasting impression on your target audience with this breathtaking trailer video template.

Typography - Trailer Video

Present your creative typography video with this animated trailer video template.

Sports - Trailer Video

Introduce your thrilling sports film using this animated trailer video template.

Dramatic Movie - Trailer Video

Generate interest for your upcoming film with this engaging trailer video template.

TV Show Trailer Video

Create a buzz for your new releases with the help of this creative trailer video template.

Fantasy Movie - Trailer Video

Get your audience on board for your next fantasy film using this dynamic trailer video template.

Cinematic Movie - Trailer Video

Captivate your target audience with this celestial trailer video template.

Kids Movie - Trailer Video

Set the stage for your upcoming children’s film with this adorable trailer video template.

Thriller Movie - Trailer Video

Generate hype for your next thriller film with this suspenseful trailer video template.

Book - Trailer Video

Announce your next book release with the help of this elegant trailer video template.

Concert Trailer - Video

Drum up enthusiasm for the concert of the year with this vibrant video template.

Podcast Trailer - Video

Attract a wide audience to your podcast’s newest episode with this engaging video template.

Webinar Trailer Video

Share a sneak peek of your upcoming webinar using this trailer video template.

Fashion Trailer Video

Get your audience excited for your new fashion movie using this trailer video template.

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