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Wide Skyscraper Banner Templates

With our wide skyscraper banner templates, you can finally focus more on the message you're trying to get across and less on the shape that message takes - literally! These skyscraper banner templates are the perfect opportunity to make good use of every last ounce of real estate available on your page.

Wide Skyscraper 54

After School Programs

Share the details of your art classes for kids using this eye-catching website ad template. 

Cheap Bookings

Show website visitors how they can book cheap rooms and villas using this website ad template.

Computer Service

Show customers how your brand can help solve their issues using this website ad template.


Use this website ad template to share exciting discounts and sales with your website visitors.


Ensure that your blogs reach out to the largest possible audience using this website ad template.

Online Interior Design Class

Get more people to sign up for your interior design classes using this website ad template.

Sale and Marketing

Considerably improve the overall look of your web pages using this website ad template.

Spring Sale

Announce the arrival of your online store’s spring sale with this website ad template.


Use this professionally-designed website ad template to make your web pages look unique.

Hand Bags Collection Wide Skyscraper

Share exclusive discounts and promo codes to boost your sales with this website ad template.

Phone Repair Wide Skyscraper

Walk through the customers with your business process using this website ad template.

Hardware Store Wide Skyscraper

Announce the opening of your new store in style using this stunning website ad template.

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