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Leaderboard Banner Templates

Leaderboard banner templates are the perfect opportunity to really convey a complete thought or idea in a way that absolutely doesn't distract from all of the other valuable information contained on that particular page. You're just a few quick seconds away from getting started.

Leaderboard 54

Art School

Announce the start of new sessions in your art school using this leaderboard template.


Make it easy for students to enroll in a course using this professional leaderboard template.

Free Travel

Show how your website visitors can win a free airline ticket using this leaderboard template.

Health Coverage

Help website visitors navigate through your website with the help of this leaderboard template.

Hosting Company

Use this leaderboard template to share important website information with your visitors.


Educate your website customers on the severe impact of deforestation with this leaderboard template.


Make it easy for customers to donate to the cause of your liking with this leaderboard template.

Protection Plan

Share essential details of protection plans with your clients using this leaderboard template.

Social media skills

Use this leaderboard template to get more signups for your online competitions.

Training videos

Share your brand’s value proposition with your website visitors using this leaderboard template.

Meditation Leaderboard

Get website visitors to enroll in your meditation classes using this leaderboard template.

Bakery Leaderboard

Use this leaderboard template to immediately attract the attention of your audience.

Graduate School Leaderboard

Share essential course details with your prospective students using this leaderboard template.

Creative Leaderboard

Use this stunning leaderboard template to get website visitors to subscribe to your content.

Craft Store Leaderboard

Share promotional details with your website visitors using this leaderboard template.

Nutrition Planner Leaderboard

Make it easy for website visitors to purchase from your store using this leaderboard template.

Music App Leaderboard

Push essential website content above the fold using this leaderboard template.

Online Store Flash Sale Leaderboard

Promote your brand’s sales and promotions in style using this leaderboard template.

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