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Horizontal Flashcard Templates

Choose one of Visme’s horizontal flashcard templates to help create study aids for your classroom or study group. Flashcards are a great way to memorize subject material, and Visme’s templates are fully customizable to fit your needs and information.

Horizontal Flashcards 15

Geography Flashcard

Use this flashcard template to memorize important subject materials more effectively.

Artist Flashcard

Learn important details related to your core subject using this flashcard template.

Psychology Flashcard

Monitor your learning abilities with the help of this flashcard template.  

Questionnaires Flashcard

Memorize essential details of your questionnaires with this flashcard template.

Photography Flashcard

Memorize important photography-related tips and tricks using this flashcard template.

Basic Language Vocabulary Flashcard

Quickly learn your favorite language with this creative flashcard template.

Locate States Flashcard

Memorize essential information with the help of this flashcard template.

Lemonade Recipe Flashcard

Teach your children the art of self-learning with this flashcard template.

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