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Real Estate & Construction Templates

Improve your real estate and construction business with an easy-to-edit visual template. Your next real estate listing presentation will grab the attention of more potential buyers. Round up interested investors with an engaging real estate investment presentation. Browse Visme’s real estate and construction templates and create better visual collateral for your business. Simply change the placeholder content for your own with Visme’s drag-and-drop features.

Real Estate & Construction Templates


Business Development Presentation

Create an engaging presentation on your company’s history and showcase its portfolio.

Hex Agency Presentation

Give your agency the creative boost it needs with this business startup presentation template.

Tangerine Presentation

Strategize and share key business information using this orange-themed presentation template.

Ted Consultancy Presentation

Show clients why they should go for your consultancy services with this presentation template.


Website Design Project Timeline Infographic

Guide businesses through the typical timeline of a website design with this elegant infographic template.

Website Design Timeline Infographic

Create a comprehensive process for your website design projects using this website design timeline infographic template.

6 Principles of Learning Infographic

Illustrate concepts in a visually appealing and comprehensive way using this infographic template.

Anatomy of a Software Developer - Infographic

Highlight the stellar qualities of software developers with this educational anatomy infographic template.


Architect Manager

Highlight the stunning work you've done so far in your career with the help of this resume template.

Developer Resume

Use this resume template to immediately capture the attention of your employers.

Interior Design Resume

Showcase your talents to your potential employers with this eye-catching resume template.  

UI UX Developer Resume

Use this resume template to present your qualifications to potential employers, and win the job.

Cover Letters

Manager Cover Letter

Win the job you’ve been dreaming of with the help of this professional cover letter template.

Business Administrator Cover Letter

Immediately attract your client's attention using this creative cover letter template.

Architect Manager - Cover Letter

Showcase your professionalism with this stunning cover letter template.

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