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Product Manager Templates

Successfully implement new product strategies using Visme’s engaging product management templates. Communicate deadlines with product roadmap templates or showcase your innovative offerings with professionally designed product catalogs. Find the right template for your needs below and customize it using our powerful drag-and-drop editor.

Product Manager Templates


Nature Background Presentation

Educate your audience on environmental topics or organic products with this nature presentation template.

Design Tool Presentation

Use this compelling sales presentation template to highlight your SaaS company and product.

Technology Company Presentation

Put together a stunning presentation to showcase your startup, services, solutions and pricing.

Management Interactive Presentation

Share essential management skills and tips using this interactive presentation template.


Strategic Vision Infographic

Share strategies for achieving goals with this color-coordinated strategic vision template.

Interactive Content Statistic - Infographic

Showcase helpful marketing tips through this captivating infographic template.

Anatomy of a Job Interview - Infographic

Create a step-by-step guide to landing a dream job with this playful infographic template.

What is Design Thinking - Infographic

Showcase the thought process behind exceptional design with this attractive infographic.


Project Manager Resume

Outline the project management work you've delivered with this creative resume template.

Sales Manager Resume

Ensure that you land the sales manager in your dream firm with the help of this resume template.

Business Administrator Resume

Create a stunning first impression in front of potential employers using this resume template.

Sales Associate Resume

Outline your terrific sales performances in front of your prospective employers using this resume template.

Cover Letters

Manager Cover Letter

Win the job you’ve been dreaming of with the help of this professional cover letter template.

Business Administrator Cover Letter

Immediately attract your client's attention using this creative cover letter template.

Project Manager - Cover Letter

Set yourself apart from the competition with this stunning cover letter template.

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