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Education Presentation Templates

Are you putting together an educational presentation? The best way to keep your audience interested is by using quality education presentation templates. For teachers and students, these templates are designed to convey your message in a vivid, engaging way. Choose from a variety of colors and designs, with a large selection of stock images. You can edit them with your own content right from your browser.

Education 29

Evolution of the Projector Presentation

Communicate to and engage with your audience the right way with this educational media presentation template.

50 Years After the Moon Landing - Presentation

Design an eye-catching space exploration presentation with this stunning presentation template.

Trivia Quiz Presentation

Immediately captivate and engage your audience with this eye-catching, interactive presentation template.

School SWOT Analysis Presentation

Share your school’s strengths and weaknesses using this adaptable SWOT Analysis presentation template.

Book Report Presentation

Share an overview of your favorite book and dive into the themes with this book report presentation template.

Science Project Presentation

Mesmerize your colleagues and professors using this science project presentation template.

Scientific Presentation

Showcase the results of your scientific study with this professional presentation template.

Class Schedule Presentation

Create a fantastic class schedule with this artistic presentation template.

Ignite Presentation

Prepare your graduating class for life after college using this presentation template.

Training Course Presentation

Use this template to create the perfect training presentation that helps you impart knowledge and skills.

Lesson Plan Presentation

Use this lesson plan presentation template to help students understand expectations and stay on track.

Who is William Shakespeare Presentation

Create a stunning presentation on the life of William Shakespeare with this professional presentation template.

Should University be Free for Everyone Presentation

Design a stunning presentation on the pros and cons of making university free with this professional presentation template.

Prehistoric Timeline of Dinosaurs - Presentation

Design a stunning presentation on the history of dinosaurs with this eye-catching presentation template.

How to Dress a Wound Presentation

Create an attention-grabbing presentation on how to dress a wound with this professionally-designed presentation template.

What is Worldschooling Presentation

Design a beautiful slideshow for explaining the benefits of worldschooling with this attractive presentation template.

High School Teacher Training Manual Presentation

Show new high school teachers the ropes with this straightforward presentation template.

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